Thursday, May 22, 2008

Megan & Eric

It all started at GROUPLINK at Elevation Church. Daniel and I had a big basket of candy on our table to 'lure' couples to our table to sign up to be in our small group. We were so new and were looking for couples to meet and hang out with. Daniel was looking for an outlet the fit him as a volunteer....and leading a small group was just it.

We were so suprised when we had 18 people sign up. How were we going to fit all those people in our house?!?! It mattered not...we were thrilled! I can't tell you how wonderful all of these friendships have been for us...they have really encouraged  us.

In our small group we had an engaged couple, Megan & Eric, he's the funny and sweet type and she was the bubbly and beautiful type. What a lovely match. On April 12 they tied the knot and our small group homies all went down to Lexington, SC to be a part of the big day. It's a day they will never forget....the best part of their story is that they met in grade school and have been together for over 10 years.'s a great story.

Below are a few of the pictures from that fun day! Slideshow to come....














Jared and Sara said...

Your best work yet. Those are beautiful pictures.

Meg said...

Candice, these are absolutely exquisite. I so enjoy seeing what photographic masterpieces appear on your website every week. :0)

Daniel & Candice said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! Daniel and I SO appreciate the encouragement!! :)

Demi Eliese said...

WOW, seriously..your pics are amazing! i swear every set you post it just gets better and better!

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