Friday, May 23, 2008


Elevation Matching Day_border
(from Left to Right: Ryan Hollingsworth, me, & John Bishop...we dressed all matchy-matchy unintentionally...and used my point-and-shoot courtesy of Gene Lakey to take the photo)

...that's a Uni-ty...UNITY... yeah. I love that Queen Latifah song. (As pictured above..we're so unified we dress alike ;-)'s something that doesn't come easy, but something that is worked for and maintained. It's a choice.

If I could say something was most important at church to have...I would say that UNITY would rank in the top 5. It means that everyone knows and feels the weight of carrying out their part of the ONE vision that's been placed before us.

The hardest part is putting aside personal preferences for the vision. But in the end...who really cares what color the carpet ends up being or how loud the music is...are people getting saved in the end? Let's be a part of something unified...becasue if it's not unified, it's divided.

p.s. Yesterday was my sweet daddy's birthday. Happy Happy Birthday. A special post will be coming soon. Wait for it...wait for it....


Nika said...
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Nika said...

Amen sister! AMEN! If the church is not on one accord in regards to the vision, then souls won't be reached.

A divided church cannot stand or save souls.

A good friend and I talked about this recently.

Thank you for sharing this today-as always, thanks for keeping it real. ;)

Haley Lamb said...

candice, i so needed this....thank you

Jess said...

GREAT picture!

ha ha ha....such a unified church!


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