Sunday, June 15, 2008

Double Dad Days....

**Lots and lots of pictures coming this week. We had 3 photo-shoots alone on Friday...and have weddings, bridals and more to post Getting caught up...feels good, really good**

dad bob:

happy father's day! thank you for being such a great father and working so hard to provide for our family. i know you have sacrificed a lot over these many years for us children and it does not go unnoticed. thank you for teaching me to love all kinds of people. thank you for teaching me a good work ethic. thank you for encouraging me to find a vision beyond our home town. it is an honor to have both you and mom still alive to be a part of candice and my life together. i'm so thankful you were able to see me fall in love with candice and take part in our wedding...i know it is something your father would have loved to have seen for you. i hope there are many, many, many more years for you to live on this earth and that our relationship can continually grow stronger. know that you are loved unconditionally by the wife and me.
Father Son Hug

dad david (belonging to Candice)

I know that the only way you'll read this is if mom pulls it up for you and shows it to you...'cause I know that the internet world isn't really your thing. I love that about are true to yourself...and you love flea markets on early Saturday mornings, looking at tools and electronics at stores and sports. I love how you love mom. I love how you go the extra mile for her. You showed me by living it out in front of Matthew and me. You pray hard for all things and have taught us, with mom, how to love and follow after the Lord.I love how hard you work and how much you care about people. I love that you make people feel like their somebody, no matter what walk of life they come from. You showed me what a husband was supposed to look like. I won't ever forget my conversations with you, "Dad....I hope I am able to find someone like you...because you're the best man I know..." Thanks to you ...I was able to know what that looked like--and I found him! Thanks for being my modern day Bill Cosby....but you were 100Xs better.

Thank you for loving Daniel just as much as you love me. You are the best dad I know....and I love coming home to visit you...because being around you is like a going to a warm memory in my mind. I always go back and think of it...We love you....a ton!

Mom_Dad 1


Nancy said...

What a blessing you both have had such wonderful fathers...your tribute to them was beautiful. We are so thankful for both of you - and the love that you have for each other. We love you both soooo much!

Deb said...

As Nancy said, what a beautiful tribute to your Dads! I love the picture of you & your Dad, Daniel. And what a sweet picture of your folks, Candice. Treasure every moment with them.

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