Monday, July 07, 2008

God is Good!

Last night was incredible. We had our cd release at our a.m. services...and then had a full-blown release at, A Night at McGlohon Theater, with all of our volunteers, givers and small group leaders. There are not words to describe how fulfilling this night was. I felt so honored to be a part of the event. I have the best job in the world as Guest Services Director. Our AMAZING volunteers showed out in much, that the police stopped by and asked if they had a permit to be out. Gail, one of our Greeter Leaders, had her team out welcoming, smiling and cheering on all of our guests outside as they were coming into the theater. They covered an ENTIRE city block. Gail responded by saying, "officer, is there something wrong"

The policeman said, "Man, we've had a couple of complaints that your people have been cheering to loudly, and it's causing a disturbance."

"Oh, I'm sorry officer, we are welcoming people, we aren't protesting." Gail said.

"Ma'am, with the amount of people you have out here, you are going to need a permit."

Gail responds kindly, "but we are welcoming people to our church."

"But you are organized..." says the policeman.

She smiles and responds, "You are right officer, we are organized. The next time we are out here, we'll be sure to have a permit." As he turns to leave, she says, "would you like to come inside and be a part of our service tonight?"

Of course, at this time, all of our staff, including me, that have heard the police were there...made there way to make sure that we had done all that we could do to comply. I can't tell you how rewarding it is for me as the Guest Services Director to have SO many willing volunteers that we need a permit to move forward! I was so proud of how great all of our volunteers worked to make the Night at McGlohon Theater such a special event!!!

Pictures from the night will be posted within the week...we (Daniel and I) are furiosly editing them! Great job to our creative/production department and Pastor Furtick for planning so well...and making the night SO special.

To download the cd go here. To download the chord charts...go here.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like it went great. I bet the cd rocks. I hope you post the pictures on the blog.

ahutch said...

Oh, my gosh, I was sitting in that little area behind Lola's and you could hear them cheering. I think that's so funny they got in trouble for it. :-)

What is it about being better doing it and asking permission later...?

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