Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sun Stand Still.

Joshua 10 talks about a Sun Stand Still moment...a miracle that God performed for Joshua. You can check out our series of that here. One of the most monumental services our church has ever been a part of..

I have two life stories I want to share with you....but if you read these...I ask that you let them inspire you, encourage you to pray for them and feel free to keep up with them...

Wade & Ferris
I have the awesome privalege of working with Wade Joye. He is our Worship Pastor here at Elevation Church. He wrote the song that goes with the series mentioned in our first paragraph, Sun Stand Still (click here to read lyrics of song). Ferris, his wife was the talented graphic designer that created our logos for our photography business, The Beautiful Mess.

They recently found out that they were pregnant...then found out that they were pregnant with twin girls! Soon thereafter...they found out that their girls had some health problems...and through an unprecendented series of events...had an emergency C-Section...and had their baby girls Adleigh and Liana at 27 weeks. This all happened 3 weeks ago this Thursday.

Little did Wade realize that when God put the words to that song on their hearts that truly he and Ferris we're going to have to lean on them.
The girls are having a roller coaster day each day...but Wade and Ferris are convinced (as am I) that God is going to heal their babies and have them brought home earlier than anyone could have ever thought. God is using them in so many ways....check out Wade's blog here and Ferris' blog get caught on their archives....

Daniel and I have the awesome opportunity of photographing their sweet girls soon...we'll have those for you down the road...till are a few shots taken by Ferris & Wade...

(Adleigh pictured above, Liana pictured below)

Ashley & Brian
I went to college with Ashley. She's a fun and energizing friend. We haven't seen one another since we graduated,but have kept up with one another on our blogs and e-mails. Ashley found out not too long ago that her husband has Lou Gehrig's Disease. Their local tv channel just did a piece about Brian. Click here to see that video. Please keep Brian and Ashley in your prayers.

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