Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Meredith & Jack...

They dated off and on for 7 years....lots of good history as they grew up together...and this past Saturday we photographed Meredith & Jack's wedding. It was so fun....and the reception was in her parents large backyard. Equipped with gazebos, a large white tent, mesh set ups and in the pool a large 'W' with flowers and candles floating in the water. It was just beautiful. Just like Steel Magnolias, but without the 'bleeding armadillo.' We are working on editing their wedding pictures...but below is the bridal portrait she printed for the wedding. To see a few more (though not all) click here . (post continues below picture...)

Gentry Bridal_12 bw

At Elevation, our band preformed Robbie Seay Band's song, "Rise"....it was accompanied by an amazing video shot by our interns in Charlotte. It's powerful to say the least. I watched it 3 times and couldn't get enough of it. It's on our Producer's website.....Wes. Click here to go see it. It's amazing, really. (the video does not include Elevation Band's performance, but it's set to Robbie Seay Band doing it).

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