Wednesday, July 02, 2008

UNO, anyone?

So we got hooked up by some friends of Candice's parents with a sweet condo 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Hilton Head, SC! It's my (Daniel's) first time to see Hilton Head, and from what I've seen...I could stay here a lot longer than 4 days.

The four of us are already having a fabulous time...eating out at Steamers, taking a leisure walk down the beach around sunset, hanging out at the pool, UNO competition (Debbie rules the table)'s been a while since Candice and I have taken a real vacation, so we left the picture editing at home and are trying to decompress these brains and backs (though the work laptop came along for internet access!).

We'll keep it real the next few days with pictures to come... :)


Nancy said...

How wonderful! Just relax and enjoy....Happy 4th from the north!

Anonymous said...

Have a great 4th. You should stop by Myrtle Beach on your way home. Are you taking pictures at Hilton Head, because it is beautiful.

Nika said...

Awesome! Have a wonderful 4th. Hilton Head is beautiful-looking forward to some fabulous pictures (as always).

E said...

I love a good UNO competition! We used to play that all the time in fact, I wrote that on my hat when I graduated in honor of the game, haha. You all have fun!

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