Monday, August 25, 2008

Flip Flop

I have had these black pair of Rainbow Flip Flops for the past 8 years. I have worn them...walked many miles in them...been through great times and some really bad times in them too. These flip flops have been with me everywhere. They have been a comfortable friend for me. Sadly, over time these flip flops have worn thin and the leather is cracking. They look dirty and dusty. Even worse..they are hurting my feet when I walk longer distances. I need a new pair. It hurts me to leave the old pair...and I know that I need new the old pair just won't last that much longer.

Just the other day...Daniel surprised me and ordered a new pair of the same flip flops for me. When they arrived at our front door, I was excited that they had arrived. I took them out...and they looked great. One problem--they weren't comfortable. They were stiff. They hurt me as I walked on. I remembered when I had bought my first pair--they hurt the same way. It took time for them to get broken into.

I couldn't help but think that's the way our walk with the Lord can be. We've been in a certain season or level with the Lord...operating at a place where we are comfortable without need to move forward. We can stay in that place a really long time. But...there comes a time when we need to move to another level. It's hard to move past what we've known and what has been comfortable and moving forward is the only option. If we stay where we're at...our old place will be like those old sandals...and they won't last much longer to accommodate where we need to go to.

Moving into a new season can be exciting and look great when we receive a glimpse of the season of where we are going. But once on that journey of going to that can feel 'stiff' or 'uncomfortable'...

Just a thought.

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Linda said...

Hey Candice,
It's Linda from Taiwan, Rachel's coworker? I found your blog through Rachel. And I do enjoy you and Daniel's photos and thoughts too. Here's Campbell and my blog:

Also, I have a pair of Rainbow flipflops and I have also experienced good and bad times in it. I know what you mean by the close friend. I remember that those Rainbow sandals have lifetime guarantee, right? When you wore out the sole, you can resole it for free. Is that right? Or am I mistaken?

In any case, so glad you got new ones! Enjoy the process, even the stiff ones. :P

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