Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've lost...but I've gained more...

I've lost 10 pounds! YAY! Thanks to the Daniel Fast...and to exercise and eating healthy eating. I was able to fit into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear in 2 years. I refused to get rid of them...because...well...I just couldn't.

I've gained a niece. Her name is Evie Marie (pronounced like levy without the 'l'). Reba is doing well...and so are baby, daddy & big brother! (picture taken my my sis-in-law..we'll take some more tonight when we see her face for the first time!)

I will be gaining a sister-in-law this weekend! My brother and only sibling, Matthew, will be marrying Katie this weekend! My friend Haley Lamb will be doing the photography for them! YAY! (Matt & Katie below...picture by my wedding photographer Me Wha)


Deb said...

You look fabulous darlin'!

Congrats on your new niece and sister-in-law. What blessings!

Have a great time when all show up next week! Nancy is bouncing off the walls. She won't need a plane to fly in. Ha-Ha!

Jared and Sara said...

You look amazing...But I would say that does not change, no matter how many pounds you gain or lose. Miss you!

JT said...

whit, you were on my mind the other day and I just laughed thinkin about how crunk time while we were all in Clemson. I miss you! I hope I can get up to see you guys soon and get to know your boo.

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