Monday, September 15, 2008

The Renewed Mind is the key....

Good Morning!

WOW! Last week as a blur!! I have had this post in draft mode for two days! I don't even know where to begin...but we'll do the quick rundown...
--Emergency Root Canal on Thursday- $1030
--Two engagement shoots on Friday & Saturday (Charlotte & Charleston)
--An amazing Sunday at Elevation with the beginning of our Visionary Love Dream Sex Series. haven't heard about it? Click here.

(Designed by the talented Graphics Designer at Elevation Church.
--An amazing Sunday Night at the "Meet Pastor...Join a Community Group...Get on a Volunteer Team ..."
--My friend and volunteer extordinare, Brandi Jones, had a sweet baby girl, named Marley Paige.
--Reba, Daniel's sister is having a baby girl today (they've yet to reveal her name).
--My brother gets MARRIED this weekend.

God is so good! He has provided crazy strength for us..and we are excited about the weeks to come. Keep waiting for 4 weddings to be posted within the next week or so.

Below is a video sent from Geoff, our motion graphics staffer at Elevation. It's way funny...and's for real.


Tim Halberg said...

dude... my buddy sent me a link to this video and it's OUTTA control!!! YIKES!!!!!!!

Daniel & Candice said...

when I watched it...I was like...ummm is this for real? ha-fantastic!

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