Monday, October 27, 2008

Goodbye Cali-Fon-I-A

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All of our Cali Pictures are sure to take a look at them. Let me warn you ...if you don't like blue skies and beaches...chances're not going to like our vacation pictures ;)

The majority were taken with our fisheye lens...we wanted to capture 180 degrees of everything. There's very little post-processing...and you will notice that there's misty stuff in some of our beach shots...we couldn't control the wind :)

Click here to see them all.

p.s.a double whammy...we blogged twice today..see below.


Anonymous said...

I have flickr and you are one of my contacts, so I have been looking at all of your pics. They are beautiful!!! I really love them. I do have a question. Did you use a filter on some of the beach pictures where the sun looked like a pinwheel, because I have been looking at those and I wasn't sure if they worked, but whatever you did they are marvelous! Hope you can check out my flickr page and my Media Blog sometime. I really do more nature pics, but I really love yours. You two are brilliant photographers. My flickr is

geisme said...

Love the pics, Candice & Daniel. Looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing trip.

Katie Jo said...

I miss California every day, you captured it well...

taryn said...

wow, your cali-fon-i-a pix are fabulous! i love in florida and i don't think i could ever tire of sunny, blue skies and beautiful beaches!

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