Monday, October 27, 2008

A Heart Check.

All my life I knew these things about myself..
*I must have a creative outlet to exist at my ultimate best.
*I love music and it has to be a part of my life in some shape, form or fashion.
*I would have to travel the globe....
*Social Justice is how I function. I want people to be loved and treated equally.
*Jesus is my rock and there is nothing else that can sway my heart beyond pleasing him.
*The most recent is that after Jesus...nothing trumps Daniel.
*Friends to laugh with and do life with are an essential.
*Serving in my church and community.
*My family to share life with...

I am so blessed. I have so much. These things at the core make up what shows on the outside. These things help to shape Candice Ann Lanning.

I can't help but think that God should have given this wonderful life to someone more deserving, but friends, he gave this life to me. So because he entrusted me with this's my job to share, invest and pour my life into others. I wanted to write about all the things I have instead of all of the insecurities and inadequacies that haunt me on a daily basis.
Click here to read the verses that really struck me .. Jeremiah 10:23-24

Also..yesterday and today..this song has come to mind...we used to sing it at the church I grew up in....Order My Steps...Click here for lyrics...

A sneak peek coming this afternoon!


geisme said...

Candice, I love when you share like this. So many times it touches me too. I really liked the Jer. verses you shared.
God is truly an awesome God.

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts and that passage from Jeremiah, Candice!

I've been thinking about social injustice lately as it relates to abortion. And I think about how that could have been the choice of Micah's birthmom. I just can't imagine life without our Micster...and when I think of all the millions of babies who will never see the light of day, it almost makes me physically ill.

Anyway...your blog was timely, as I've been having similar thoughts lately. And I realize how blessed I truly am, too!

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