Monday, November 24, 2008

Danielle: Bridal...

My friend Jessi...e-mailed me and told me of her friend that was getting married. She mentioned all the wonderful things about her....and referred her my way. Well..that friend, Danielle, was perusing through Jessi's blog (it's a must read click here) and saw my link on her page. fate would have it..Danielle gave me a call and we begin planning her engagement, bridal and wedding shoots. She was an absolute DREAM to photograph. Beautiful inside and out! I have been itching to post her bridals here for you....and today is that day!

Danielle and Joshua were married on Saturday. Their wedding pictures are soon to come. But first...let me share with you Danielle's bridal. Danielle & Joshua have a wonderful 2 year old daughter named Gracie. Now, what bridal shoot would be complete without her? Enjoy her pictures & slideshow!

She 'says' she's not photogenic. Pictures don't lie...and this STUNNING!

This shot below just feels like it should be in some Jane Austen film...I have another with her looking at the camera...check it out in the slideshow.

Gracie is just such a ball of energy. It was so fun when we could sneak pictures of her cuddling with mommy.


Jessi said...

oh, wow! I don't even remember emailing you to tell you about her, but I'm so glad I did! Candice - I can't get over how amazing you are as a photographer. I can't really believe it. Now, Danielle is BEAUTIFUL but you did a wonderful job as well!

I will keep the referrals coming!

Lori said...

You continue to amaze me. I love the one of Gracie by herself. Simply amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rachel said...

wow...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I LOVE the last picture of Gracie squatting down on the sidewalk. Micah does that all the time! SO CUTE!

second breath said...

these are precious! so sweet!

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