Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leo & Beth: Married!

Beth moved to Taiwan 7 years ago to teach English at ORTV. Leo worked as a cameraman there. Their paths were destined by God to cross...and when they did...the two were inseparable! They were first married in Taiwan. America for a traditional American Wedding. You couldn't meet two nicer people.

Congrats Leo & Beth! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day! Hold on tight...because I have a ton of pictures...and a slideshow too! Enjoy!

The flower girl was the niece of the bride. She was such a sweet and well-mannered little girl.

The sanctuary was gorgeous!!

Beth got these shoes at the night market in Taipei. The night market is every American girl's dream. When Daniel and I went there a year ago...I was in heaven (click here for a picture from our trip...that relates)
Love her wedding band...(it has the chinese characters on it)
So..I could not help but post 2 more ring shots!


Rachel said...

Beautiful! I just loved looking through these pics. So glad your paths crossed in Taiwan... :)

Naomi said...

These are incredible, Candice! I love what you do with colour. :) -the Naomi you met in Taipei

beth said...

i am THRILLED!! beautiful work! i can't thank you enough!!!

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