Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!!!!

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It's not everyday that a man like Daniel comes along. He's the kind of guy that all girls dream of..but one very LUCKY girl got!

You've heard me on several occasions speak about him...but it never gets old. He's truly the best man I know. I love and respect him...and would happily give my life for his anyday.

I almost always post about things that he does that I I'll switch it up and share things that he does that makes me laugh.

^^He raps at lightening speed with a special voice. I can tell he feels so cool when he knows all the words to an especially complicated rap song.^^

^^His little dance he does with his arms up by his side and knees slightly bent..twisting side to side when he feels good.^^

^^ He'll run and slide on his socks in the kitchen and do an oldies twist shout or a Michael Jackson scream^^

^^He's great with kids. All kids love to be around him. He's so attentive and they just gravitate towards him. He'll even act like get a laugh out of them. Wish we lived closer to our niece and nephews! They would want Uncle Dan all the time. ^^

^^Car Dancing. Daniel is SHAMELESS it's just too funny.^^

I love this man...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To see some cute pictures of Daniel when he was little...check out his mom's blog here!

--picture courtesy of the ever lovely and talented Jasmine Star.


taryn said...

aww - that is so sweet! isn't it great to be married to an amazing man?!

Deb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daniel! What a blessing it has been to see you grow up to the kind of man you are today. Many blessing to you...

Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. :-)

Enjoy your day that God created just for you.

Cheyenne Schultz said...

hooray! happy birthday to you, daniel!!! Hope you are having a GREAT day!!!

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