Friday, December 19, 2008

Excitement Comes In Waiting

I remember when I was little on Christmas Eve. I could HARDLY wait till the next morning to go and run to look what was on the fireplace, in our stockings and under the tree. I just KNEW that Santa would come. No doubts in my mind. Before I could race to tear open with utter delight the gifts he had left....I had to go tell my parents he had come. After that...I was then sent to wake up my brother (I wasn't allowed to open any gifts until he and my parents had arrived.)

Not only was I excited on Christmas Eve...but I was excited the WHOLE month of December. I'd ask mom & dad all month, "Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow?" My mom would smile and tell me it wasn't. I was slightly disappointed, but I didn't DARE lose hope that Santa would come...and when he did..I KNEW HE WOULD DELIVER.

Crazy isn't it. Sometimes I'm the same way about life and God...just minus the excitement that comes with waiting.

Let's go through the comparison.
You know that God has given you a promise deep down (ex. Save a member of your family, financial help, a husband or wife, a car, next step in ministry, etc). You have no doubts. You KNOW that God is true to his word and never breaks his fact...if he did, he wouldn't be God (Let me say real quick..your promises do not equal God's promises...if he doesn't do something YOU want him to do..then you might want to step back and make sure that it's HIS will and not your own..I have to do this ALL of the time :) ask him day after day..."Is it today? Is it tomorrow?" The answer is not right now. -----Now here's the part where we should be like the story above.... by not losing hope and still being EXCITED because you KNOW it's coming. However the turn in our story is that we begin to doubt that God will deliver, that God even hears us. We lose all excitement we had and begin to doubt.

Don't lose heart my friend. God will make GOOD on his word. Like when I was little and had to go look, then wake my parents, the wake my brother and wait on them to come with me....sometimes God asks you to do things before 'opening your gifts.' Be quick to listen and tune your ears to God's word. He will not disappoint, he never disappoints.

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