Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Julie & Jay

Bentley's on 27th= amazing atmosphere, amazing food and an amazing reception for a phenomenal couple, Julie & Jay (all you grammatical fanatics out there, I realize that's a fragment and not a sentence...let it go).

Julie and Jay have to be the most thoughtful, generous and fun couple we've ever shot. Most of the night Julie and her family were checking on us...to see if we'd eaten or needed anything. Now how many brides do you know like that?!? Their constant thoughtfulness was so real and so genuine. I felt like her friend from years before by the end of the night! They were gracious hosts and knew how to throw a party!

So here's to Julie & Jay. You deserve all of the happiness in the world. I wish you the very very best of love and happiness....YOU DESERVE IT!


Haley Lamb said...

wow, all these images are beautiful! but, that church building is gorgeous!!

Jay said...

Candice and Daniel!! I am speechless and that is hard for me to be!! Jay and I LOVE all of the pictures! I have said it before, but you TWO are simply incredible at what you do! You two have captured our wedding day in ways beyond what I could ever imagine and hope for... We are so blessed that we found y'all! Your spirits are catchy and you make smiling for the camera so easy. God has blessed the two of you with such an amazing talent. Jay and I are so happy to have had you two with us on our special day!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You two rock :)
Julie and Jay Woody

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