Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Lanna Grace!

Me and Ray.
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Today is my friend Lanna's Birthday! YAY! I hope today is the best birthday ever!

Did I mention that we watched Bourne Ultimatum Friday night? The best movie I've seen in a much action...till the very end. After we watched it, I wanted to buy two more tickets and watch it again. So I guess that means, I am recommending it.

Yesterday Daniel and I took advantage of our Tax Free Weekend. We were also able to get some cool lighting equipment and backdrops for photography stuff. Yeah..I know it's crazy....I don't really care for shooting portraiture...but I am willing to give it a shot since there are a few folks that want me to do it for them. Today....Maternity Portraits....pray for me :) The art of good lighting is a science, that I've yet to completely achieve!

Have a great Sunday!


Nika said...

You're going to do fine....:-) Speaking of photography...I finally purchased my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XT, however I did look a Nikon long and hard)....I am looking forward to seeing what adventures will arise especially with potraiture and hopefully try my hand with a few projects that I have been wanting to do but put on hold.

Here's another great photographer to check...Jasmine Star...amazing work and sister in the spirit..

Also, check out have had they really great happy hour chats that have been great! :-)

Have a blessed Sunday!

Kym said...

I saw the Bourne movie on Friday as well. LOVED IT! Hope you are well.

Deb said...

"Die Hard" was a good action flick as well.

I, too, have the Rebal XT camera and love it. Having so much fun learning with it.

Sorry we missed you when you were back in MI! Catch ya next time.

Candice & Daniel said...

Nika...thanks for the link.

Deb...we wanted to see Die hard...glad you like your camera!

Kym...yeah...that movie was da heat!

LannaGrace said...

thanks girl!

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