Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thirty something...

Today is my (Daniel) sister Elizabeth's birthday....and she turns the young age of 30! Since Candice and I are both nearing that nice round looking number, it doesn't seem as bad as it used to. I remember when I was younger seeing a lady in our church wear a "Thirty something" shirt and thinking that I'll probably never get that old....at least not for like 50 more years! But, alas, the years post-college continually get larger than the years in-college.

This is my sister's first birthday in the South and today the heat index is supposed to reach about 105 degrees....hope it's a sweet and not-too-sweaty birthday today, Liz. Enjoy!

Love ya.

Daniel & Elizabeth

(we've come a long way, ain't we, liz?)


Daniel & Candice said...

Happy Birthday Liz! I love this picture of you and Daniel!!

Jason and Liz said...

Thanks so much for the sweet blog entry and the great picture. That was so thoughtful! I think I'm holding Daniel too tightly... he looks a little dazed! I'm so thankful to be in the south!

Rachel said...

did you read my blog about the thirtysomething shirt, too, or did we totally think of the same thing at the same time? Random! :)

Thirty is the new twenty, or so I hear. :)

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