Wednesday, August 13, 2008

get yours now!

At long last the Elevation Worship Cd, "We Are Alive" is now available on iTunes. Go get yours now and feel free to show some love for it by writing a review about it....

You can search for it on iTunes by the following keywords, "elevation worship we are alive" .

Speaking of Elevation Worship...continue to pray for our worship leader Wade Joye and his wife Ferris' twin girls. They have overcome insurmountable odds through the prayers of so many of you...We are believing for complete and total healing for them. Please visit here (Ferris' Blog) for detailed prayer requests and/or here (Wade's blog). They are both sharing very candidly this area of their life...and I believe that so many people will be inspired and changed by it.

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Jared and Sara said...

Thanks for sharing the blog of your friends with the preemie pregnancy is just a few weeks past where she delivered, but I love seeing the pictures of those little ones and imagining our little one looking so perfectly formed already. I will pray for them as often as I remember. Miss you!

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